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Dragon Story Wizard Dragon
“All dragons are inherently magical, but only the Wizard Dragon spends its life in pursuit of new powers. Adult Wizard Dragons seek out magic to help others, but the babies mostly conjure bugs, dirt and snot. Still, pretty impressive” -  Description
   Dragon Story Wizard Dragon
Hatching Time:  22 Hours
Buying Price:  800 Dragon Story Gold Icon
Selling Price: 100 Dragon Story Coin Icon
Habitat: Blue, Purple
Level Requirement: 10


This Dragon Story Wizard Dragon is a rare dragon that players may get when they are playing their Dragon Story game and breeding the blue and purple elements together.

The Wizard dragon itself looks like any other magic dragon but with a twist in it’s face. The wizard dragon is definitely a powerful wizard that can use magic like no other!

Wizard Dragon Breeding Chart
If you want to breed this Wizard Dragon then listen carefully to what this Wizard Dragon is. Most players find it hard to tell the elements from this dragon because the Wizard Dragon is so unique. The Wizard Dragon in Dragon Story is actually a magic type dragon and a Water type dragon. That means you need to use a purple element dragon and a Blue element dragon in your breeding den for a chance to get the serpent dragon. The most recommended breeding combination for the serpent dragon is a magic dragon and a Water dragon and a lot of luck.

Wizard Dragon Earnings Chart

Level Earnings
Level 1 Dragon Story Coin Icon Level 10 Dragon Story Coin Icon

Wizard Dragon Food Chart

Level Dragon Story - Food icon Level Dragon Story - Food icon
Level 1 1 Level 9  1000

Dragon Story – Wizard Dragon Evolution and Egg

Dragon Story Wizard Dragon

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  • Dragon story fan

    This is very helpful to me. (Like this) but there is a problem. Instead of saying blah blah wizard dragon blah blah, it says blah blah breed SERPENT dragon blah blah. I see you made the website say you need a lot of luck on all the dragons, but you made it serpent instead of the dragon it should be if you now what I mean.

  • Bladesquinn

    They just mean the style of dragon. It says the same thing on all the dragons that are serpent like if you read the description. I. E. the Atlantis Dragon.

  • Nickyriz

    This dragon is 22 hours to breed

    • Jaybbles

      Thanks nickyriz that’s all I needed to know and I just got a 22 hour breeding time thanks alot

  • Isabella

    What does the WIZARD DRAGON’S egg look like??
    Does it have stars on it?

    • Kathryn

      I wish bc I am breeding one with stars on it and I am not so sure what kind it is. I breeded a magic dragon and a serpent dragon and got that.

  • Simone

    I breed 1 time water and magic and in 22 hours ireceived a wizard egg

  • Simone

    I’ve breed two Times magic and water and the first i received a coral and the second i’ve received the wizard