Oct 122012
Dragon Story Witch Dragon Baby
“Witch Dragon eggs often need a little extra care to ensure they hatch safe and healthy. Witch Dragon mothers will often assist in the incubation process by placing the egg in a cauldron of boiling water heating it with their own fire breath.” -  Description
   Dragon Story Witch Dragon Baby
Hatching Time:  9 Hours
Buying Price:  990 Dragon Story Gold Icon
Selling Price: 100 Dragon Story Coin Icon
Habitat: Green, Purple
Level Requirement:

Rarity: Super Rare

This Dragon Story Witch Dragon is a super rare limited edition hybrid dragon released on October 11 2012 for players to breed.

The Witch Dragon features a witch looking dragon that appears to be floating on top of a broom but make no mistake. That’s not a broom. That’s its tail! The Witch Dragon may walk on two feet during it’s baby stage but when it grows up it will begin walking with four legs.

Witch Dragon Breeding Chart

The Witch Dragon is only available for a limited time. If it’s not in your market, there’s no way to breed the witch dragon or buy her.

The most recommended breeding combination for the Witch dragon is a Forest Dragon and a Magic dragon and a lot of luck to breed for this dragon. The dragon is classified as a  Super Rare Dragon. 

Earnings Chart

Level Earnings
Level 1 195Dragon Story Coin Icon Level 10 1,560Dragon Story Coin Icon

Food Chart

Level Dragon Story - Food icon Level Dragon Story - Food icon
Level 1 1 Level 9  1000


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  6 Responses to “Witch Dragon”

  1. Dang I cant get it and its only for a limited time!!!!

  2. I FINALLY GOT IT! So lucky I thought id miss the time limit. Add me:HpLFL

  3. man ill never get it!!!!!

  4. add me! :) I play on two devices- Chiikitt + Himitsu_Neko.

  5. I kept breeding the entire time it was available, and got it just hours before it ended O_o *Lucky!!* =D

    Feel free to add me: ZunoPad

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