Dragon Story App Breeding

These are the official release update text from Team Lava. They will be listed here to document the progression of the game under fair use.

What’s New in Version 1.0.2
Performance and Stability Improvements.

Hatch, raise, and breed dragons of all colors on magical islands! Raise your dragons from babies to epic adults and breed them to discover rare dragons!

Become the best Dragon Caretaker – you could be the first to discover the ultra rare Diamond Dragon!

★ COLLECT strong, mysterious, and fun dragons. Each dragon moves with a lively, and sometimes quirky, personality!
★ EVOLVE your dragons through 4 stages to reach EPIC form!
★ BREED different colored dragons to raise new hybrid dragons! Can you DISCOVER the rare dragon for each color combination?
★ GROW magical food for your dragons. Feed them and watch them grow and evolve!
★ DECORATE your islands with colorful habitats, castle towers, flowers, and more!
★ Sharp, stunning graphics, animations, and sounds bring your dragons to life.
★ Invite your Facebook or Storm8 friends to play with you. Gift GOLD and help each other raise dragons!
★ FREE updates will introduce new colors of dragons and more!

Which dragons are your favorite? Mighty Fire Dragons, whimsical Air Dragons, mysterious Magic Dragons and many more await you in Dragon Story!

Dragon Story is the BEST looking FREE dragon game for your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch!

Please note: Dragon Story is an online only game. Your device must have an active internet connection to play.

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  • Andrew

    I have breed quite alot of dragons and i am level 26 now, but still i have not got one rare dragon yet. Is my game glitched to not get any rare dragons. My friends all have quite a few but i have none. Please help!!

    • Pia

      hey i thought i was the only one …i’m facing the same problem and i’m on level 36 :( …..

    • chheangchhay

      i have been play dragon story from the level 1 to level 42 already but i still cant to buy spell shop and trading, i mean the spell shop and trading it did not shop in the game. i see my friend they just reach level 30 buy they can buy the spell shop and trading, please help me about this.

      • Crystal

        I understand only iPad/iPod/iPhone users are currently able to buy/sell/trade, but the forum said they’re hoping this is made available to Android users soon.

    • Donna Conley

      Go to the App Store and ask for it.

  • Stuart

    I can’t afford gold but I want to build another nest so I can hatch more dragon eggs how can I do that with out buying the gold

  • Allie

    I have levelled up at least 10 times or more and I still can’t buy anymore habitat I have exspanded as well more then 10 times I have cleared 2 islands and still can’t get anymore and the game is running very slow I am on level 38 can u help

  • Allie

    I have levelled up at least 10 times or more and I still can’t buy anymore habitat I have exspanded as well more then 10 times I have cleared 2 islands and still can’t get anymore and the game is running very slow I am on level 38 can u help Please

    • zanthia

      At the present time I believe You can only have 30 habitats, I have had to start selling dragons so I can place new 1s , team lava we need more habitats please please

  • Umoplsdn95

    Ive been trying to breed the diamond dragon for almost a month and i still wont get it, (i breed all 4 colors) help would be appreciated or at least learning the odd of getting it or even the combination Of dragons as well

    • souji5okita

      I think there is something wrong with my game. I have been trying to breed the diamond dragon since May and nothing. I have tried the eagle and serpent pair and the firestorm and island pair. I never breed anything else except for these pairs for the past 4 months. I’m about ready to delete this app.

      • Douglas Man

        keep trying and you’ll soon get it

    • whimsey57

      try scarecrow and water and good luck

      • Heather williams

        Honey bee and Atlantis. I had been trying for 3 months to breed a diamond I used these 2 and got it the first try

        • sam b

          Fruitful and wizard also worked for me.

  • Cypherix

    Why is their a price difference between android and IOS for e.g. my friend plays on IOS and for a water dragon it would cost him 10k for me on android it costs 30k another example is a large farm for him on IOS its only 30k and for me it costs a whopping 90k! wtf its great both operating systems can play on the same online network but its unfair that the prices are different!

  • G

    How do I update dragon story? I updated it but nothing changed

    • Erin Duffield

      I had the “Original” Dragon Story. Then, not too long ago, I had to DOWNLOAD the “New Dawn” version from the App Store. Not UPGRADE but actually download like a brand new game. Once I did that & opened “New Dawn” all my stuff was in “New Dawn” so I deleted the original app. About 2 weeks ago, I had to do EXACTLY the same thing. Go to the App Store & download the newest version. Open it up & make sure all my stuff was there along with the new upgrades, dragons, etc. I made sure the new app worked properly & scoped all the cool new features. Last, I DELETED the “New Dawn” version. Now, I’m happily enjoying all the new fun things they’ve done. One of my favorite things is having a “storage” area to put things in when I expand & have to move stuff around. Hope it helps!!

  • vince

    Can anyone tell me why I don’t have an album in my original dragon story game? I just recently downloaded dragon story new dawn. I thought new dawn was an up grade because one day I went on to play dragon story and a window opened up saying it was a new dawn. I had the option to upgrade. After talking with other players I was told it was a new app. I went and looked for it with no luck. I then resently asked a player about them getting the scarecrow dragon and she told me about an album that the game has to were you earn gold, dragons, etc. I have no clue what she was talking about. Can anyone help me figure this stuff out, please? I’m ready to write teamlava to try to get some answers. I don’t know if I should uninstall dragon story then reinstall it. If I do will I loose all my hard work and dragons. I’m not sure what to do. Thanks for communicating with me. From sharkey of sharkey isle.

    • A Great Escape

      It’s not fair that Android users don’t get scarecrow or storm or the album . They say to get the old version of dragon story. I am using the first one available
      to me. Any suggestions would be helpful.

      • Erin Duffield

        Read my comment. #10 Erin Ballard Duffield. It explains how the Dragon Story upgrades have worked for me. It’s never been an issue downloading a “new” app to get the upgrade. I open the new app, make sure all my stuff is there & all is working well then I close the new app. At that point, I know I can DELETE the older app. I’ve had no problems with loosing anything in the process.

  • Steven

    My wife is playing on Iphone5, IOS 6 and i’m playing on Iphone 4, IOS 5. My large farm cost about 30K and her is 60K. All her stuff cost double of mine. Can someone look into this matter?

    • CyberDrago

      Erin: are you playing on Android or iPhone/iPad? That clarification would help a lot as Android seems to be quite a bit behind in terms of actual content updates for both games. I’m on Android and for a while the Original game had a pink tab (that was useless but it was there). Now it is gone (as Android users can’t breed any of the pink dragons yet; lacking the proper game content updates).

  • Mystic Isle

    I’m playing Dragon Story on my Kindle Fire. My version doesn’t have a storage area that I can find. Does anyone know if an upgrade is available for Kindle Fire users? If you can tell me on my wall my ID is sugartooth17. Thank you!

  • taylor

    yes I to cannt buy any more habits got my first diamond got no where to put him im locked out need one can someone help me I am really up set with the way they lock you out of buying pl help

  • A Great Escape

    In order to get your diamond habitat you have to sell one of your older ones. I would pick your common dragons and a green habitat. And sell it. Good Luck. If you have any more questions. Add me, Suesfarmm.

  • Violet

    My game updates automatically and when I got new dawn I thought would get like the pink dragons and the spell shop but I didn’t. I am not very technical but I am using a kindle fire. I really want that cool stuff! Do I need like an apple product for that?

  • Cynthia

    I want to get the new portals for dragon story for my phone but the option is not showing up. What should I do?

  • Poison Mist

    Many of us non-iphone users _really_ are aching to know when we are going to get the same features as apple users?? Give us something to look forward to, pleas, TL. Is there going to be an update for starters so android users can breed new dragons like pink&gemstones, trade, craft, store items etc.. I hope you’ll give us some information soon.

    Dragon Story is the best mobile game I’ve played and it makes me so frustrated I can’t do the same things that other players (apple) are lucky to enjoy.. :)


    • don

      Android users can now download the “valentines day” version. Yes it may be dearer to feed ur dragons but you can breed new dragons. You can even buy new habitats. Everything u have already transfers over .

  • Jessica

    I don’t get any of the updates since I have installed it 5 months ago..

  • amanda

    This is my son’s account but I am having trouble updating his fame can anyone who has info of how to do this please contact ma with directions….. I have gone to app store to download the new dawn version but can’t find it……… please help….. thank you

    • amanda

      Oh and the system he plays on is a kindle fire if that matters…. thanks again

  • taylor

    i have a next book when will we get the good stuff i don’ t have it neighter hope its soon does any one else have one of these

  • Cocacola86


  • Ang

    Sue3304 & sue3304567890
    I always gift no matter what

  • Sonia

    I’m having no luck getting the diamond dragon :( been breeding different combos like over 10 times… Starting to give up… Any solutions out there? Add me soh12

    • Heather williams

      got one finally after 3 months.. used these hot it first try: left side honey bee elite + right side atlantis elite

    • Wendy

      That’s why I keep all the versions even the Valentines Day version is cheaper to feed than Spring and Fantasy. But New Dawn is super cheap to feed which makes up for some of the wrongs in the game…that is until they figure it out and Team Lava changes it. One question, I’m Android and my husband is IOS he doesn’t really get the updates lord knows what version he’s playing in but he’s really struggling with the game due to double gold prices and maximum hábitats needing to clear land ect and so I told him to get the New Dawn for feeding and expanding but he can’t find it anywhere to download. I found a link to download it from some website like I did the valentine day one for my phone since the play store did not have it but somehow he can’t download it. Please help.

  • Tammy

    I can’t update to the new version. I have tried deleting and reinstalling but no luck. Can you help?

  • Rhonda Gillum

    I gift every day n need some neighbors who will do the same. please.
    My ID is BAMAGIRL66

    • Wendy

      Add me WendyJJ13 if I don’t get to add you first

  • Rhonda Gillum

    Please add BAMAGIRL66 I gift daily

    • Wendy

      I have over 120 neighbors and I have about 6 that gift daily that I rotate gifting to so if you’re okay with gold from me every other day what not then accept my request ill send in a few min

  • Sue Bowlby

    Sorry but the spell shop isn’t available for Android users. Which isn’t fair at all. Maybessomeday Team Lava will treat us equal.