Serpent Dragon

Dragon Story - Serpent Dragon Baby
” Serpent dragons manifest the psychic attitudes of water and nature, they are serene, but unpredictable. They’re known to hide in the tiniest spaces, like water flowing through gravel ” -  Description
   Dragon Story - Serpent Dragon Baby
Hatching Time:  ? Hours
Buying Price:  ? Dragon Story Gold Icon
Selling Price: ? Dragon Story Coin Icon
Habitat: Green, Blue
Level Requirement: 


The almighty serpent dragon is one of the coolest dragons in Dragon Story. His green snake like design makes him look absolutely amazing for any player that love Dragon Story. This dragon however is a rare dragon which may not be so easy to unlock. Fortunately you are here where we will write to you everything you need to know to breeding the serpent dragon in Dragon Story!

Serpent Dragon Breeding Chart
If you want to breed this rare serpent dragon then listen carefully to what this serpent dragon is. Most players find it hard to tell the elements from this dragon because the serpent dragon is so unique. The serpent dragon in Dragon Story is actually a water type dragon and a plant type dragon. That means you need to use a blue element dragon and a green element dragon in your breeding den for a chance to get the serpent dragon. The most recommended breeding combination for the serpent dragon is a water dragon and a forest dragon and a lot of luck.

Serpent Dragon Earnings Chart

Level Earnings
Level 1 Dragon Story Coin Icon Level 10 Dragon Story Coin Icon

Serpent Dragon Food Chart

Level Dragon Story - Food icon Level Dragon Story - Food icon
Level 1 2 Level 9

Dragon Story – Serpent Dragon Evolution and Egg

  37 Responses to “Serpent Dragon”

  1. can anyone tell me how to breed one?? I’ve tried several times but all i got was island dragon…

    • I got a Serpent Dragon the first time I bred using all four elements, I think I used my Life Dragon with a Mist Dragon. Good luck, this is the only rare dragon I’ve been able to breed so far so I understand your frustration!

      Storm8 id: sarilain

    • try using your island dragon and water dragon!

    • The easiest combination to get a rare hybrid is to breed a common hybrid of those colours and another random hybrid. It works(I got a seabreeze and scorpion this way)

  2. Fxxk! I love serpent dragon feature so much so i tried water+green for almost 20 times
    I tried many different combos such as green+water, green&purple+water, green+water&purple, green+green&water …………

    And everything was island dragon fxxking ugly island dragon
    I have hatched more that 20 island dragons

  3. That shame serpent and island dragons in market are same gems of type to breed are same! Million island dragon !o.o”

  4. so true!! and at last ive been able to breed a fairy but still serpent and eagle not even close:S

  5. Guys, Here is my tips.

    •Maxing out dragons won’t help.

    •Serpents are rare. Don’t worry. You’ll probably get one sooner or later.

    •Try an island dragon and an Atlantis dragon if you can get one.

    •I am still trying too!

  6. ive tried life and mist but im still getting firestorm:(

  7. Patience is the key it will eventually come but until then just wait I would recommend breeding with water on the left and forest on the right . I used the air on the left and forest on the right and got a fairy on my 3rd try and air on the left and fire on the right that is how I got my eagle dragon

  8. ow, ill try that for the eagle! thank u! still no luck with the serpent!!

    add me if u want: stefxx1 :) :)

  9. Hello . First time I breeded a water+forest I’ve got an Atlantis dragon )) I just wanted to know how doe the egg of the serpent dragon look ?

  10. Hello . First time I breeded a water+forest I’ve got an Atlantis dragon )) I just wanted to know how does the egg of the serpent dragon look ?

  11. I got one on my first try using forest on the left and water on the right

  12. I actually got it first try add me jujubee714 so i can prove it its in my water habitat

  13. Serpent dragon’s breeding/hatching time is 16 hours!

    I got it when trying for a Wizard Dragon with Atlantis and Magic Dragons (magic on the left and atlantis on the right, if that really matters).

  14. I havent gotten the serpent dragon, but for those who havent had much success, I reccommend breeding the firestorm dragon and the island dragon. I’ve been going for the diamond dragon, but so far I’ve gotten a wizard and a seabreeze from them… back to back. eagle took me like 25 tries of getting only firestorm dragons, (when breeding an air and fire) but then I eventually got one. even if it takes a long time you WILL eventually get the dragon your wanting. It just takes lots of patience!

    Breed hybrids, then theres more options for the types of rare dragons. True, theres more options for commons as well, but I find that breeding two common hybrids gets the rarer hybrid dragons with less tries than the normal (fire/air/water/magic) dragons.

    • hello everyone :3 does anyone know how to get a wizard dragon? plz help me! Storm ID: beastsystem thnx! :)

  15. Hey I am so stuck with getting the serpent dragon ummmm most of thedragon combination pages say somethng like to get the serpent try blah + blah and its really confusing even if its not the combination for the serpent. Someone plz help me my storm id: Skyler1802

    • hey skyler try atlantis and magic dragons thats how i did it on my old ipod. i got a new one so i dont have it anymore but im waiting on the magic dragon egg now. anyway add me so we can send gold everyday.
      ill send an invite. the island should be called this: Rahkshi island

  16. By the way everyon who comments should put their storm id so we could send gold and mystic maps to eachother.

  17. By the way I don’t have Atlantis either lol

  18. Cool guys! Never knew there’s a thread for dragon story, feel free to add me : vicygcute. Thanks!

    P/S: good luck in getting the dragons u want ;)

  19. Try breeding an island dragon with a life dragon. That’s how I got mine. Good luck!

  20. but try to breed the wild dragon LV7 with the charm dragon LV4, come on!

  21. Hey! I got mine by breeding poison and water! I got serpent on my first try…. Before that i was trying a lot for serpent by breeding water and forest so many times but didnt hatch any serpent dragon! So… Im just lucky i guess!

    Pls add my ID: mellichang

    • Thanks for the comments. I have been trying water and forest for weeks and nothing. Tried poison and water and got a serpent in about 3 tries. They should up date this page to recommend poison and water.

  22. I love this game!!! Please add me:) Livy072699

  23. Keep trying atlantis and island dragon for serpent then try serpent and firestorm for diamond

  24. I’ve tried Forest 7 (left) and Water 7 (right) for 6 times but failed to get serpent.
    Then I tried Water 7 (left) and Forest 7 (right) for 4 times also couldn’t get serpent.
    Then I tried other combos such as Island & Forest, Island & Water. Still only got Islands.

    When I was about to give up, I tried Water 7 (left) and Forest 7 (right) just once more, and BINGO!!! Finally got Serpent!!!

  25. This is my absolute favorite dragon in this game I think, I’m trying at the moment to breed one of these beauties. I’m so determined to get it, even though I’m not the highest level and I don’t have many pretties just yet. Still, I’m hoping with vigor!

    If anyone’s interested in becoming neighbors, my ID is Faerhlsm.

  26. I just did a forest dragon and a water dragon and I have two now and no island dragons their rare for me somehow everyone gets island dragons and what do I get… serpent every god d*** time (soory getting a little frustrated at 12 christmas eve.

  27. im having trouble breeding the serpent dragon cant even get an atlantis dragon need help on both

  28. Omg I got the Serpent on the first try, I’m so lucky! :D

    I wish you guys all the best on getting it soon :)

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