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Dragon Story Quetzal Dragon Baby
“Quetzal Dragons are born with all the knowledge and experience of every Quetzal Dragon who lived before them. Despite his, their personalities are unique; they pull different lessons and personality traits from the millenia of information available to them.” - Dragon Story: Quetzal Dragon  Description

   Dragon Story Quetzal Dragon Baby


Breeding Time:  32 HoursBuying Price:  2600 Dragon Story Gold Icon

Selling Price: 100 Dragon Story Coin Icon

Habitat: Diamond Fields

Yellow Habitat

Level Requirement: 10


The Quetzal Dragon in Dragon Story is an ultra rare dragon that was released on August 9 2012 for their start of a Diamond-hybrid type of dragons.

This Quetzal Dragon is a mixture of Diamond and Green, which makes this dragon one of the most highly sought after dragons in Dragon Story. If you were lucky enough to have a Diamond Dragon then you can breed a Quetzal Dragon using your precious Diamond Dragon. The breeding time is also 32 hours or two days so keep an eye out for the Quetzal Dragon as he will surely pop-up in your Dragon Story Isle if you have a Diamond Dragon.

Dragon Story Quetzal Dragon Baby

Quetzal Dragon Breeding Combination

To breed the Quetzal Dragon you must use a Diamond Dragon with a Forest Dragon or a Green Type Dragon that are at least level 4. Once you have bred these two together you will get a chance at getting the Quetzal Dragon. The Quetzal Dragon is 32 Hours just like the Diamond Dragon which is 2 days.

You will not always get the Quetzal Dragon even if you use a Diamond Dragon and a Forest Dragon. You must continue to breed until successful.

Please note

that breeding the left or right of the dragon does not matter and the level of the dragon also does not matter.

Quetzal Dragon Earnings Chart

Level Earnings
Level 1 530Dragon Story Coin Icon Level 10 Dragon Story Coin Icon

Quetzal Dragon Food Chart

Level Dragon Story - Food icon Level Dragon Story - Food icon
Level 1 1 Level 6 100
Level 2 4 Level 7  240
Level 3 8 Level 8  500
Level 4 20 Level 9 1000
Level 5 50 Level 10

Dragon Story – Quetzal Dragon Evolution and Egg


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