May 302012
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Dragon Story players, as you may know Dragon Story is undergoing some changes and there may be differences in prices, breeding time, and other important information.

If you find anything you feel is incorrect as listed please let us know in the comments and we will update them for you. Thank you for understanding.

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  • Adam Bruton

    When I go to plant firapples it now costs me 1000 coins and takes 20 hours to harvest? Is this a new change?

  • Crystal

    Really a nest went from 22 gold to 800. Have you lost your mind. That is the kind of thing that will cause someone to find a new game!!

  • Austin

    Yeah all these price changes it sucks! Still a great game thought add TinaTemple no spaces

    • Tate

      You need to make prices a little lower it costs me 60k just for Big Blue Lagoon and 180k for Big Purple Gardens! Also, please try to cut down breeding time harvest time and evolution times down it takes too long!!!! I dont get expanding, because why do you have to buy the small expansion and then have to clear all that debris.

      • fantacydragonspkayground

        My friend downloaded this game and I played with it and liked it so much that I downloaded the game. When it came time for me to purchace any one item my cost was double my friends??????? Why I dont understand. Then another friend downloaded the game after me by like two weeks and his prices are half of my cost of mine. Example friend one downloaded 1month ago his small puple habitat is $24, 000 I downloaded 2 weeks ago and my small purple habitat is $48, 000 and my other friend just downloaded 3 days ago and his small purple habitat is $24, 000. WTF??????? Also yesterday I went to upgrade my snall blue habitats I had to save up $120, 000 and when I puchased the first upgrade it only took $60, 000 and left me the other $60, 000 I was confused but thought they finally fixed the problem so when I went to upgrade my second blue habitat it stated I need $120, 000??????? So I saved up and upfraded

        • fantacydragonspkayground

          Upgraded and it only took half the money again. So I saved up to upgrade my last blue habitate and now its after midnight and it took the whole $120, 000 this time. I should be happy I guess for it looks like I got an upgrade for free. But its not fair if everbody does not pay the same price. Yes this has gotten very expensive but it sure is fun. Merry X hristmas

    • Crystal

      I’m just about done. I can’t believe the price changes. I hate waiting to sell a baby dragon. I would be happy just to trash an egg. We get to little food when my dragons eat 1000. Anyone know of a better game. Looking for something new.

      • Anita

        DragonVale is awesome, I just like this one for my kid because it dosen’t require a game center account

  • Jessica

    I agree with all of what was said. I’m mad because all the food is now worth less. Like the Scalypears only give 700 food but are the same price and take just as long! And the breed times are so long and when I get an egg I don’t want I still have to wait 10+ hours just to sell the baby. And the prices of the habitats skyrocketed! 180,000 for the Big Purple dragons is insane. And I agree with Tate what’s the point of spending money to expand when I have to spend money to clear all the debris anyway. I’m getting frustrated.

  • Winson Abby

    this games have big problem is when not carefully press the dragon require pay the gold, it never ask for confirmation , it will direct minus my gold, i already wasted more than 100 gold buying the easy hatch dragon, just because i not carefully touch the dragon in gold in the market =_=, i wish to get back my gold that i accidently pressed.

  • Asdfghjkl

    Buy dragonvale it’s 100 times better!!! It has a colosseum, a lot more cooler dragons, and it’s actually possible to get more gems(it has gems instead of gold)!

  • Asdfghjkl

    Dragon story is hopeless! My level is like 13 and I can’t even get 1 epic form! The food costs way too much and gives way too little! I need to harvest 3 scalypears to feed 2 dragons! Everyone should get dragonvale instead! It barely has any complains!

    • Jonah

      I was level 35 when I got my first epic. Just takes a while.

  • Nicole

    I’ve had this game for a little over one month and my little village or whateva is going great, so idk what y’all are talkin about… The only thing I’ve had trubs with is the diamond dragon but it’s supposed to be hard so it’s not a big deal. You guys just rnt playing it right

    • Dragon Story Blog

      In the beginning, the prices were 50% lower. You started after the adjustment. So… you are playing 50% harder ;P

      The nest used to be 10 Gold now its 250 gold

  • TallyGG

    Guys calm down for food all you need is to plant buffbeets over and over, I got 300 food in 30 minutes. Thats a better bargain!And the cost is just something to challenge you. I have like 3 epic form and lots close to it. It’s a great game!;)

    • Jeanel

      I would agree, I learned quickly that buffbeets planted over and over will allow you to get your dragons to epic form and most of my dragons are level 7 or higher.

  • Amay

    All this complaining is just a little bit insane! It’s a game people. And as for dragonvale, I much prefer to play dragon story. The graphics are better and it’s much easier to add friends than on dragonvale. The only thing it has that dragon story doesn’t is the dragon track which cost 50000 coins to do anyway! And the expansion thing, dragonvale is the same way. You have to buy another island for 500000+ coins then pay up to 100000 just to clear one boulder! Hands down, dragon story is better in my book and my favorite app!

  • Jordan

    do you`s know how to breed a crystal dragon or how to get a pupkin dragon

  • n

    Whoever is complaining about dragonvale must not play it because even though you may pay 50000 per race on the dragontrack, you can easily earn over 500000 coins in one night while you sleep.

  • Matilda

    It’s a great game, IF you are going to whinge so much about prices, remember its a free game!!!! Why don’t all you losers go play something else!!!! Dont play it the. Whinge about it ya retards

  • Milly Goh

    The breeding time in my Dragon Story has doubled e.g. the breeding time for Mythic dragon is 12 hours but but it shows 24 hours and it took away 24 gold when I sped breed it. Price of the diamond temple cost me 600 gold whereas it cost 150 gold in my sister’s game. Please update dragon island : Hounding.

  • Liana

    These unnecessary price augmentations are a prime example of a little thing I like to call GREED. Shame on you, TeamLava.