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dragon story left heart dragon baby
“LeftHeart Dragons are hopeless romantics. As young hatchlings, they will relentlessly follow and playfully tug the wings of other dragons they fancy. In their spare time, they will yank the leaves off mushmold wondering if their secret crushes love them or love them not.” -  Description
dragon story left heart dragon baby Hatching Time:
12 Hours
Buying Price:
600Dragon Story Gold Icon
Selling Price:
100Dragon Story Coin Icon
Rarity: Rare

The LeftHeart Dragon is a special valentine dragon in Dragon Story that was released on January 31 2013. It is one of the special dragons that is in the Valentine’s update.

This dragon is a Blue/Red/Valentine element dragon dragon which means you need a hybrid and single element dragon that adds up to all these colors to get the dragon.

LeftHeart Dragon Breeding Chart

The most recommended breeding combination for the LeftHeart dragon is a Fire Dragon  and a  Water Dragon and a lot of luck to breed for this dragon. The dragon is classified as a Rare Dragon. 

You can alternatively use any combinations that add up to Blue and Red for a chance to get this dragon into your Dragon Story Isle.

The breeding time for this dragon is 12 hours. Keep in mind the breeding order and the level of your dragon will not affect your breeding rates. The more elements the dragon, the more difficult it makes players to breed for, so you can always purchase this dragon into your Dragon Story island!

Earnings Chart

Level Earnings
Level 1 222Dragon Story Coin Icon Level 10 999Dragon Story Coin Icon

Food Chart

Level Dragon Story - Food icon Level Dragon Story - Food icon
Level 1 5 Level 9  5000


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