Fairy Dragon

Dragon Story - Fairy Dragon
“If you love the Fairy Dragon, you’re not the only one. Widely recognized as the most popular of the Dragons, Fairy Dragons often have a chain of admirers following their sparkling tails.” -  Game Description
   Dragon Story - Fairy Dragon
Rarity: Rare

Breed Time: 4 Hours

Buying Price: 200 Dragon Story Gold Icon

Selling Price:  Dragon Story Coin Icon

Habitat: Yellow, Green

Level Req: 5

Dragon Story Green Dragon ElementDragon Story Air element

The fairy dragon is an amazing creature of the wind. It flies the skies with its tiny wings and and yellow design. Making it one of the most adorable creatures in Dragon Story.Fairy Dragon breeding Combination

The Fairy Dragon is a rare dragon that you can obtain using any green and yellow element dragon in your breeding den. The most recommended breeding combination for this fairy dragon is a forest dragon and an air dragon.

Fairy Dragon Earnings Chart

Level Earnings
Level 1 200Dragon Story Coin Icon Level 10 Dragon Story Coin Icon


Dragon Story: Fairy Dragon Food Chart

Level Food Level Food
Level 1 2Dragon Story - Food icon Level 9  Dragon Story - Food icon

Dragon Story – Fairy Dragon Evolution and Egg

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  24 Responses to “Fairy Dragon”

  1. someone help me please I keep getting 10 hours (fruitful) instead of 4 hours!! I have tried about 10 times!! Green left,Yellow right, is it the only way?!

  2. Its on your luck,it does not matter its on the left or right i have breed a fairy dragon when the first time i try,mostly you need to breed 3times to get a rare dragon,like wild dragon,i try to breed 3 time and the 3rd time i got it and eagle i always get firestorm and the 3rd time,i got it,its on your luck

    • I actually wanted to get a firestorm dragon first and then an eagle dragon but I got lucky and then got it on my first try

  3. Same here I have tried literally 20 times still no stupid Fairy Dragon any advice? The thing is though I managed to get an Eagle Dragon first time…

  4. Yeah! I’ve tried past ten timed and still it DOESN’T WORK! Believe me, you guys who get your rare dragons only the third time, you’re lucky. Enjoy your luckiness.

  5. Hey anybody know why I cannot get a fairy dragon? I have literally and I mean literally tried 30 times still no what am I doing wrong?

  6. I get a fairy dragon on my first try

  7. I tried over twenty times and I soon learned the fairy dragon, alike the mythical being it is based on, just doesn’t exist. About a week later I introduced my brother to dragon story. He got a freaking fairy dragon on first try!!! I asked him, and according to him, he was disappointed, because he wanted a fruitful dragon( of which I think are ugly dinosaurs with buck teeth.) this made me so angry, especially since two days before I had accidentally pressed the button which made me waste 45 gold on the fairy dragon achievement. That blasted achievement only gave me 1000 coins and 10 exp. but then, my brother was also lucky enough to get the serpent dragon easily- except he didn’t have Internet and as soon as he pressed ‘social’ all he had done while he was out of range was deleted. Jeez, I wonder if he could get a diamond dragon on first try? feel free to add me- winter360- or my brother- flamamable (not flammable, FLAMAMABLE)

  8. I combined fruitful and air, i got a fairy everytime

  9. Yeah, just thought I’d let u kno- my bro has an eagle dragon now too- but also I kno som1 with 3 epic form diamonds, 1 breeding and 1 egg. I got photos to prove. The combo they used was scorpion+ Atlantis, which are both rare, but this is the easiest combo so tough luck. They both have to be epic form and can be placed on either side. I don’t have the resources and info to do this however, so feel free to use it yourself or become my friend and donate gold – my acc is winter360 – and, well, that’s it! Over and out!!

  10. Any tips on how to get these? I’ve gotten literally 11 fruitful dragons, and i just got another. Rrrrrrgh. Anything else i can try? Suggestions are welcome….

    • I tried literally 20 times before I got one . I just did forest and air. Then I tried to breed another one, and got it first try. All I know is that it doesn’t matter which is on the left or right, it’s just luck.

  11. I just breed a firestorm dragon with a island dragon and it's give me a fairy dragon.

  12. The fairy dragon doesn’t exist. I tried at least a dozen or so times and still got fruitful dragons every time. Took a break and tried breeding other dragons and got 4 super rare dragons in a row: Atlantis, sea breeze, eagle, and parakeet. Tried fairy again and nothing but fruitfuls lol. Send me friend requests. Storm 8 id: Hal1fax

  13. Before I tried 24 times to get a fairy dragon.No luck. A week later I wanted another fruitful dragon……I got a freaking fairy dragon!

  14. I tried over 24 times to get a fairy dragon then when I wanted to get a fruitful dragon I got a fairy dragon its all on luck. Add me HpLFL.

  15. Just need a bit of luck

  16. Yeah, so I just bred a fairy dragon egg, and the hatch time was actually eight hours instead of four. I'm not sure that this is normal, but maybe someone should look into it.

  17. I’ve been trying to get this stupid fairy dragon forever! I think the fruitful & air just worked. I tried it once before a while ago, but when it didn’t work I went back to the forest & air combo that everyone else said to use, because I didn’t have any of the other (scorpion, island, eagle, etc) dragons to try.

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