Dragon List and Egg Chart


This is the general basic chart for Dragon Story player. There is more than one page please see at the end of the page for the next page.

Dragon Elements Price Breeding and Evolution Time Dragon Egg
Magic Dragon
Dragon Story Magic Dragon
 Purple Buying Price: 100Dragon Story Gold Icon 20 Hours  
Water Dragon
 Blue Buying Price: 10,000Dragon Story Coin Icon ? Hours  
Forest Dragon
 Green Buying Price: 500Dragon Story Coin Icon 30 Seconds  
Fire Dragon
 Red Buying Price: 100Dragon Story Coin Icon 5 Seconds  
Air Dragon
Dragon Story Air Dragon Baby
 Air Buying Price: 2500Dragon Story Coin Icon 2 Hours  
Life Dragon
 Green, Red Buying Price: 25Dragon Story Gold Icon 3 Hours  
Wild Dragon
 Green, Red Buying Price: 200Dragon Story Gold Icon 6 Hours  
Firestorm Dragon
 Yellow, Red Buying Price: 50Dragon Story Gold Icon 12 Hours  
Eagle Dragon
 Yellow, Red Buying Price:300Dragon Story Gold Icon 14 Hours  
Fairy Dragon
Dragon Story - Fairy Dragon
 Yellow, Green Buying Price: 200Dragon Story Gold Icon 8 Hours  
Fruitful Dragon
 Yellow, Green Buying Price: 25Dragon Story Gold Icon 10 Hours  

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  1. Quetzal is diamond and green not diamond and yellow

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  3. It’s cool! I like it.

  4. My ID is hbygg.

  5. Why is the hatching time of the Water Dragon unknown?

  6. Planet dragon takes 19 hours to hatch

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  13. Hello Friends! I would like you to add me so we could be friends. My id is: samarhbakery
    I have almost all super rare dragons and i could give you some tips of course! Welcome to my island folks!

  14. omg I have a egg that isn't there!

  15. Me too, My egg is green with a small tail and spikes on it.

  16. Me too, My egg is green with a small tail and spikes on it.

  17. My island dragon took 19 hours if that helps. My sister got a diamond dragon breeding firestorm and island.

    • Wow I just bred firestorm w island both lvl 8. It shows 5 hrs for parakeet, super rare ! Now I have to wait 20 hours to sell this darn island egg..grrrrrr

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  19. I got eagle dragon twice in a row first times

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  21. ipaupau is my ID

  22. Cool game my ID. Puertorico6042

  23. I am going to make a magic dragon by breeding fire and water.I hope it works.

  24. HELP ME I just found an egg and it isn't on this list! I have no Idea what It is and the suspense is KILLING ME. It has several colors on it lt

  25. please add samm997, will send gold and maps everyday..thanks

  26. Coral dragon is 10 hrs… not 12

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  28. I also have an egg not on the list :-(

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  32. Pls send me many breeding tips for dragon story …

  33. I got another egg not on the list :-(

  34. Yes i got a leopard dragon. It is super rare en i got im first then a griffin dragon. En ten a sunrise dragon! My id is DragonKing1105

  35. How to breed virtue dragon?

  36. Me too! Not on list…

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  40. This place is better: http://dragon-story.wikia.com/wiki/Eggs.

  41. How can I breed diamond dragon what the easiest way possible.

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  43. I just bred a pink egg with a yellow wing but it is not on the list here? Anyone know what I got?

  44. Leaf dragon. Green and purple. Not sure hoe I got it

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  50. I just hatch the mythic dragon . The egg is red background and has a yellow V ish look as the shape . Its a ripoff cause the habitat cost 6million cions and i only have 1 million. I breeded lvl 10 fire dragon and lvl8 air dragon and got it first try. Add me if ya wanna see ill be savin for the habitat for about acweek or 2. My ID is paulisaboss.

  51. I am getting a diamond dragon wat diamond dragon should I try and get now I’m thinking of either the dark angel dragon unicorn thingy (pink and diamond) or mercury because it only takes 1 hr witch one
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  52. My egg is not on the list and it looks like a rare to me
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  55. Myn isn’t there

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  60. I got another fruitful add me my storm8 is Kiesisland.

  61. My egg is not on the list. My id is cdasilva127

  62. Please help :’( I love this game but I am getting flustered because I have tried to breed the diamond dragon and can’t. I’ve tried most of the ideas I’ve seen on google but have come up with nothing. Which two on my island can I try and do they have to be in epic form?????? Please help I don’t want to stop playing.

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