Diamond Dragon

Diamond Dragon Baby
” Everyone wants to sneak a peek of a newborn Diamond Dragon! They’re indestructible from birth. If they want to play with lions or go bungee jumping, no problem! ” - Dragon Story: Diamond Dragon  Description
   Diamond Dragon Baby
Breeding Time:  44 Hours

Buying Price:  2000 Dragon Story Gold Icon

Selling Price: 100 Dragon Story Coin Icon

Habitat: Diamond Fields

Level Requirement: 10


The Diamond Dragon is the ultimate dragon in Dragon Story only available to be placed into the diamond habitat this is certain a dragon you wouldn’t want to miss. The diamond dragon is a diamond type dragon that can be purchased in the market easily but if you want to breed the diamond dragon then know it is ultra rare and only a few have been able to breed and tame this beast.

Diamond Dragon Breeding Combination

Serpent + Firestorm or Island + Firestorm

Any four elements will give you a chance at obtaining the Diamond Dragon in Dragon Story. The odds are randomized and there is no 100% method on getting the Diamond Dragon. Sharing your results will definitely help other players, please do so.

Diamond Dragon Earnings Chart

Level Earnings
Level 1 Dragon Story Coin Icon Level 10 Dragon Story Coin Icon

Diamond Dragon Food Chart


Level Dragon Story - Food icon Level Dragon Story - Food icon
Level 1 1 Level 6 100
Level 2 4 Level 7  240
Level 3 8 Level 8  500
Level 4 20 Level 9 1000
Level 5 50 Level 10
Dragon Story – Diamond Dragon Evolution and Eggs
Diamond Dragon Baby


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  212 Responses to “Diamond Dragon”

  1. I got diamond Mistmoth and fairy both lvl 7

  2. Add me storm 8 Id: spark6464
    If u want diamond first try, try the mist and forestfire

    • i got it breeding a super dragon & a fairy dragon. didnt get it on the first try, but i got alot of other rare dragons. plz feel free to add me id undeadangel23

  3. Diamond dragon it good looking it beginning of any dragons. Diamond dragon if bleeding. Fire air. Water forest. And light dragons are very super dragon. I need diamond. Please help me.

  4. Diamond dragon it beginning of any dragons. Diamond dragon if bleeding. Fire air. Water forest. And light dragons are very super dragon. I need diamond. Please help me.

  5. if you want to get diamond try aurora and fire

  6. Pls add esbkeller. Daily player…question, why can’t I purchase some of the buildings I see on other neighbors islands? I’m playing on my HTC evo…and how the heck do u save enough to clear land when its 800000 coins to clear 1 tree?!?!?!!!!

    • I had that problem but had to download Dragon story. I was on Dragon story new dawn. You won’t lose any dragons, it all stays the same

  7. My boyfriend got a diamond dragon! Storm ID: penton69.

  8. got one finally after a couple weeks. left side honey bee elite + right side atlantis elite

    • Thank you much I tried over and over to get a diamond and finally because of your tip with honeybee and Atlantis I got one first try yahhhhh

  9. I think any combination should work as long is contain those 4 element fire,water,forest,&air (red,blue,green,yellow) it doesnt matter rare or common,it doesnt care left of right side,either lvl of your dragon. Its about luck and ur patientness to breed. I can say so,bcause i had 2 this dragon,with a diffrent way to got. 1st using scorpion – atlantis, 2nd using mist – landworm. Good luck guys.

  10. Add me storm id: teejayay

  11. Add me storm id: teejayay

    ***** SE BUSCAN VECINOS *****

    Please, add me. My ID is: ShadowKniche.
    Pueden agregarme con la siguiente ID: ShadowKniche

    I log and send glod daily.
    Estoy conectado y envio oros a diario.

  13. Feel free to add me as a neighbor – WorldofGarth.

  14. Add me please my storm8 id is djoctr

  15. Add me please my id is sweedeeang add me i will help …thx xoxo

  16. I got a diamond dragon by breeding aroura dragon and a firestorm dragon

  17. Add andrew22g

  18. I got a diamond dragon doing island and firestorm 3 times. When you breed these two if the breeding time is two days it’s a diamond dragon.

    • It’s a facts that I have tied that combo more than 30 times with no diamond dragon in the end. You were just lucky. Most times that I do that combo, I end up with an annoying fruitful dragon.

  19. Add me please, and I will help you. my storm 8 ID : dhimaz87

  20. add me please, and I will help you. My storm 8 ID : dhimaz87.

  21. I've tried superhero and ceasar it works.

  22. Yes, I finally bred the diamond dragonnnnn 44hrs. plz add me ferrariiii

  23. Add me: Silverain324

  24. It is ridiculous how hard it is to get the diamond dragon! I have been trying since it has been out with no luck. This game is frustrating and to clear any land is absolutely insane also. Fourty maps, 130,000 and an additional 800,000 coins to clear a small square, come on! Dragonvale is the best dragon game out there and that’s why I only play this once a day because it ain’t worth my time or money. A big rip-off is what they should name this game!!!

  25. Omg I just realised that I’ve got a diamond egg!! Sadly I cant rem the dragons I bred to get the diamond egg :(

  26. add me.. my storm I’d mannik895

  27. Hannharu add me

  28. ID: iDestined. Please add me if you would like to be neighbors :)

  29. Add me: weezyfvu i send gold dAily

  30. I got a diamond dragon from breeding a RightHeart Dragon and a Four-Leaf Dreagon. Good lucky guys :)

  31. I didn't do serpent and firestorm I did Atlantic and Eagle and got in the first try

  32. It has been established that the most common way for a diamond dragon to be…..bred? Breeded? Whatever. Anyhow, it has been established that the most common way to breed a diamond dragon is that the four elements of Fire, Forest, Air, and Water must be present. I think it might work with stuff like, in shaiguyx3′s case mistmoth and fairy because the Magic element is the elements of Fire and Water, combined with the Fairy’s Air and Forest.

  33. Add me I'm feliciathewolf :D

  34. Add storm Id tnb0828

  35. I bred level 10 fire dragon and level 7 night dragon and got 10 hours breeding time. What could that be? Cant find any fitting dragons

    • Sometimes what this crazy game does is give you dragon without the combinations. I bred that same combo and got a coral dragon out of it. Weird b/c that dragon doesn’t have red in it but it happens. Just look at all dragons with that specified timing to find the closest relation.

    • One place says it could be a Coral. Did the breeding say 10 gold?

  36. I bred a Water with a Scarecrow. I got a 2 day breeding time, or 80 gold. What is this?

  37. Hell yeah, I’m one lucky sonafa-bee lol. Breeded my serpent (lvl.10) and firestorm (lvl.8) and got the that “44 hours” :D

  38. add me teeleec8 thx :o ).

  39. Add me trick game thks

  40. All I used was dark light green and yellow but I still got diamond

  41. I return all gifts I'm a daily player and I really really want a diamond dragon lol I'm trying it all =) add me please >>> angelbuck.

  42. Plz add me ill gift back: dragonstory5001

  43. TO get diamond dragon breed four leaf and tusker dragon….. send me gold if u get it.my id is ashishmodi84.

    • Hey I tried that but got an egg I've mever seen and it isn't on any Web pages with it either

  44. Describe it to me and I will tell you what it is

  45. I’ve been trying to get this as well iwont give up. Ill report back with the combo I used.

  46. Add me i give out gold everyday sn:kavynguyen

  47. My Id. Nimra1234. Add me. I am accepted you happy happy my island so cool and pretty

  48. add me yuusha ill give you gold everyday xD.

  49. Heather I’m still trying and still have not got it. My I’d is my name btw if you wanna add me.. I’m gonna try for the parakeet and honey bee for now. So I can use it in breeding for this diamond. Will update if I get either.

  50. Serpent and firestone works!

  51. add me at 13linda99 thank you.

  52. I got a diamond dragon using Mirage and Dawntree Dragons in that order

  53. Well right now I am looking forward for a diamond dragon. I just need the coins for the habitat. But I have the Firestorm dragon so that’s good and I have the Island dragon in the nest. So I am really hopeful that my Island dragon ( not yet born) and Firestorm dragon will have a Diamind dragon.


    Add me! Thanks!

  54. I got it by breeding a Poison and Athletic. I’m only level 20, too!

  55. I used serpent and firestorm and got my diamond on the second try

  56. Got one without trying. Used a light dragon and a night dragon :)

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